City Service at Provincial Prices

At JBM & Associates Limited, we’re small-town accountants with big-city experience. Located in Pukekohe, our goal is to help small businesses thrive with our personal and authentic approach to accountancy.

We offer our clients fixed monthly fees, free support and advice, and flexible office hours. Our clients deal with one accountant which they know and trust, helping them to achieve the best results for them – whether it’s reducing their tax bill, growing their business or protecting their assets.

We don't just want to be your accountant. We want to work alongside you to achieve both your personal and business goals. 

Make Tax Time Easy

We have a full range of services so that you can get back to what you enjoy most. Either we can just do the annual work required for the IRD or take full control of your accounting. To date we have filed 100% of our tax returns and leave no tax return behind! Most important we have never had any bad feedback from our clients!

Do you know your accountant?

When working for the big firm I was amazed at how many people had access to your information. A lot of it was also very personal. At JBM you will not be handed down and the person you meet does the work. This allows you to feel comfortable that your information is safe and reliable hands.

Free Support and Meetings

We pride ourselves on meetings with all our clients once a year atleast! We never charge for this as it allows us to get to know who you are and what you do. That way we can do a better job quicker and it's a win win for both of us. Never be afraid again to pick up the phone and ask the silly questions.

Changing Accountants

The process made to look hard is very easy. In fact you will most likely have to do nothing. Leave it all to us to get in touch, get your information and software transferred to us and it's like nothing ever happened. Don't be tied down to an accountant you don't get along with.

There are no silly questions and we are happy to answer. Just send us a message and we will be in touch!

It's easy as clicking the link and filling in our one page form. Then we will be in touch the same day with our estimate!

What makes us different!

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We are mobile accountants so can come to you

We are currently servicing the Auckland area while basing ourselves in Pukekohe.