Which accounting software is right for me!

Through the sea of accounting products out there you may ask which product is right for me. Fair enough and if you cast the net wide enough you will surely get lost.
So where do you go to understand what product fits your needs? Which review site? Which friend knows best? The answer is not a one size fits all scenario for most so you need to look at each product and relate it to your situation. Often then making your neighbour, friend and or review site only helpful for finding alternatives.
Now for larger businesses softwares like Sage, Quantum, Infor, SAP can work but in our professional opinion the small to medium size businesses in New Zealand will fit into one of two products. MYOB or Xero.
Now most accountants will sell Xero and fair enough as they have produced the best results over the last 7 years. However MYOB has put a lot of money and effort into upgrading their system to compete with Xero. Now I find that it depends on the client which one is best.
I am still a Xero supporter at heart but we will suggest a software based on our clients requirements rather than our preference!
Click the links below to have a review of each product or just reach out to us for a chat.