Save yourself time, money and the precious space in your handbag/wallet!

It's a common scenario we find. Asking for a receipt or invoice that is either misplaced or lost within the never ending storage system we call the "handbag".
Or the annoying accountant when you get to year end is asking you for hundreds of invoices and bank statements to validate your information?

With Hubdoc you can completely remove the hassle. Take pictures of invoices or simply send them to your customised email, link your suppliers to your hubdoc account and let them fetch it without you having to do anything. This also includes the downloading of your bank statements each month.

If using Xero this will then automatically post the transaction to Xero allowing you to store your bills attached to any transactions you may have or remove the requirment of entering these in manually.

These are the documents you are required to keep for 7 years and by keeping them all online you can free up the spare room for that pool table you always wanted.

Hubdoc can be as cheap as $5 a month plus GST so get in touch today about setting up an account with us.